Chocolate Coconut Butter Bites

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Life is a balancing act: work vs. downtime, screen-time vs. family time, that list of to-do’s vs. staying present ... I could go on and on about the difficulty of balancing all our hats, something French women, especially French mamans, seem to do so easily (more on that later.)
One of my many balancing acts, these days, is nutritious vs. delicious. All three bébés are going through a growth spurt and are “starving!!!” all. the. time. I try to stick to our “no snacking rule,” which means that all 3.5 meals (breakfast, lunch, goûter - aka afternoon snack - and dinner) have to be packed with plenty of protein, brain fueling, healthy fats, vitamin filled veggies and powerful, antioxidant-filled micronutrients.
These chocolate, coconut butter bites are made just for this purpose: deliciously & nutritiously LOADED. As I said last night, feel free to leave the powders out, choose your own nut butter, or just make chocolate coconut butter bites. .
For the fully loaded version: Melt 100g coconut butter, 20g coconut oil, 30g dk chocolate and stir well. Add 2 tsp of both cocoa powder and maca powder and 1 tsp of mushroom powder (I prefer Chaga for its flavor profile.) Stir until fully incorporated. Fill a silicone mold 1/3 of the way up and put in your freezer. While that sets, mix 50g of almond butter with 1Tb of collagen powder. Roll into small balls (for this silicone mold - in comments - the balls were 1/4 tsp each.) Press balls on top of frozen chocolate and add a few cacao nibs (swipe left) and a pinch of salt. Pour the remaining chocolate over the nut butter and place the mold in your fridge or freezer.
These guys get melty at room temp.; store in the fridge and enjoy! Which super-nutrients and flavors are you going to add to yours?

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For this exact silicone mold (freezer, oven, dishwasher & microwave safe! ) >

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