Libby’s Summertime Egg-Salad Redemption Recipe For Mayonnaise

Spread on a simple cucumber sandwich, spiced for a chicken salad, or made to appease a craving for a delicious, summertime egg-salad sandwhich, home-made mayonnaise is a must-have recipe for both the aspiring chef and the everyday mom. Intimidating to some, home-made mayonnaise is honestly easy to make; once you begin making your own mayo, you may never buy store bought again. Feel free to play with the flavors – instead of a neutral oil, try walnut or pistachio. Instead of simple salt and pepper add a pinch of piment d’espellete. Make sure you slowly incorporate the oil, and you will have a winning mayonnaise every time.

diy mayonnaise
Libby's best mayonnaise recipe


1.     Combine egg yolks, mustard, salt and pepper in a large bowl and whisk until smooth and even.

2.     Pour in one tablespoon of oil at a time, whisking the entire time. Continue whisking until completely incorporated.

3.     Slowly, continue to pour the oil into the mixture, without stopping to whisk. The mixture will get creamier and thicker as you whisk.

4.     After all the oil has been incorporated, add the lemon juice and whisk to combine.

5.     Taste and correct for seasonings. 

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