My story

    A zealous Francophile, I am quite - obviously - obsessed with all things French. The way in which French stories and history, their deep-rooted & regionally unique cultures, and, of course, their cuisine connect to one another creates the perfect platform for an unparalleled experience. An experience in which I am so excited to share with you through my culinary adventures and workshops, personal writings and individual interactions. 

     Diagnosed with celiac over 14 years ago, I am a - mostly - fearless traveler; with my husband and 3 small children, I travel around Europe, Africa and North America seeking unique ingredients, simple recipes, and cultural traditions based around food – which includes heirloom tangias in Morocco and traditional pasta making in the hills of Tuscany. We had the fortunate opportunity to spend 3 years living in Lyon, France where I received 210 hours of culinary training at L’Institut Paul Bocuse and an additional 65 hours of one-on-one gluten-free recipe development with a 3-star Michelin chef.  

    A quasi-fanatic for high-quality produce and local meats (for more information on our poly-culture-back-yard-rabbit-chicken-farm-jardinier-experiment stay tuned,) I am a strong believer in always respecting the food product - it's seasonality, locality, history & preparation. And as passionate as I am about France, I am as equally - if not more so - passionate about delicious and nutritious gluten-free food and deliciously prepared ancient-grains. Frustrated with the pre-packaged, gluten-free foods on the market, I have tirelessly devoted the last 8 years developing and creating healthier options. 

   I love to get creative! For me, a challenge in the kitchen is really just an opportunity to get messy and have fun! Moms, dads, children, the bleached-wheat-pasta obsessive, the curious, the skeptical, the amateur and the professional are all welcome into my kitchen. I have a seat at my dining table saved. And oh, umm, I sometimes dog-ear library books.  

Libby Oroza