Beyond Gluten-Free 

Gluten-free grains have exciting flavor profiles and interestingly pleasing textures that should be appreciated and respected in their own right - not simply because they are gluten-free.  The 4-day intensive course offers an introduction into baking and cooking with these grains along with an exploration into their flavor profiles that highlight the products' natural characteristics.   

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Recipe development & menu planning

Whether you would like to add specific gluten-free items to your menu or are looking for vegan, paleo, or dairy free alternatives,  Libby will help you develop dishes that meet your clientele's dietary needs while still tasting amazing. 


4-day intensive course in Gluten free cuisine 

This 4 day crash-course for culinary professionals will teach the techniques associated with working with gluten-free grains. This course will provide the foundations required to cook, bake & create gluten-free. 

Don't let your customers be "glutened!" Join me for a quick course & inspection to ensure your gluten-free clients are safe from cross-contamination.

"I look forward to working with you and your company in the future!" - Libby Oroza, founder of À Table Ensemble